About the Heritage Neighbourhood

Heritage_Community_MapThe Heritage neighbourhood is located just East of downtown Regina, and includes the area bounded by Broad Street, College Avenue, Winnipeg Street, and the CPR main line. It also includes the area known as the Arcola Triangle, which is bounded by Arcola Avenue, Winnipeg Street, and Victoria Avenue.

Over 5 000 people live in Heritage, and in addition to residences many businesses and service organizations call Heritage their home.

Heritage is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Regina–hence our name! Heritage began developing east of Regina’s emerging downtown market square in the 1890s. The northern part of the neighbourhood became known as Germantown due to early German settlement, and many other ethnic groups followed, contributing to rich cultural diversity. Through the first half of the 20th century, 11th Avenue was an important commercial high street lined with hotels, shops, and other services.

Unfortunately, in the post-World War II boom Heritage began to decline as families left the inner city for the suburbs. Over time the community (like so many other inner city neighbourhoods across the country)  became associated with high levels of poverty, crime and unemployment, where businesses were strained and houses deteriorated.

Many Heritage residents still struggle with the impacts of poverty, and our community still ranks as one of the most disadvantaged in the city. At the same time, the neighbourhood is brimming with potential for revitalization. Our proximity to downtown, character homes and beautiful tree-lined streets make Heritage a wonderful community in which to live and do business.

The role of the Heritage Community Association (HCA) is to support this process of revitalization in a way that ensures that all of our residents thrive in an inclusive and healthy community where no one is left behind.

For more on the future of the Heritage neighbourhood, see the Neighbourhood Sustainability Action Plan.

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