Art Park

In 2022, we received an Every Bite Affects the World- Local Action award to help us transform Art Park into an urban food forest and restore the park to be something the community can take pride in. We were helped by Nature Regina and Wild Outside along with our own staff. While the work is not done yet, we will continue to make Art Park a better part of this community.

We would like to thank Phil Johnson for his hardwork on Art Park and would like to share this message from him:

We’ve made a lot of progress in the Art Park this season, but there is still much to do. We have pretty much used up the budget we had for buying trees, shrubs, herbs and perennials. I’m hoping we can find more funding to keep us going in the spring of 2023.

This season, our volunteer gardeners and [HCA] summer staff got together every couple of weeks to remove invasive weeds and overgrown shrubs, prune out dead wood, dig planting beds, plant trees, shrubs, and flowers, and water it all by hand. It was a great effort and people have told me how much they learned along the way, and how important they think the work is for the community. So far we’ve planted three apple trees and about ten saskatoon, five haskap, three gooseberry and five raspberry shrubs. We planted one pollinator bed and filled it with plants attractive to bees and people alike. We dug and planted a small herb garden. While clearing away invasive quack grass and absinthe, we discovered some of the flowers planted years ago, and gave them some water and some space to grow.“- Phil Johnson


Thank you


Regional Centre for Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Recognition Award