Good Neighbour Community Grant Program

A project funded by HCA's Good Neighbour Community Grant Program.

Little Boxes: A project funded by HCA’s Good Neighbour Community Grant Program.

The mission of the Heritage Community Association (HCA) is to engage and empower residents to build a thriving, inclusive inner city community with links to our history and our future. To help us achieve this goal, in 2012 HCA initiated the Good Neighbour Community Grant Program as a way of encouraging Heritage residents to build relationships and capacity in the community.

HCA is inviting residents to submit their ideas—from small gestures to big actions—for ways to inspire other Heritage residents to get to know their neighbours and become involved in their community. The Good Neighbour Community Grant Program will provide grants of up to $500 to support projects that show how good neighbour actions will help to accomplish HCA’s Mission.

Your ideas should engage people in projects that create an inviting, vibrant, safe, healthy community where residents are proud of their environment. Projects should connect people to their past, to their neighbours, and/or to their community. We’re excited to see how your ideas will enhance our neighbourhood.

Project applications can be submitted at any time, however only applications that fulfill the eligibility criteria will be considered.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be residents of the Heritage community and members of HCA;
  • An applicant must be working with a group to complete their project. An applicant may be an individual, but the application must include information about who is helping them to accomplish their goals (including who will lead the project and who else might play a key role);
  • Projects must take place within the boundaries of the Heritage community;

How to Apply

  • Email for a copy of the application form.
  • Selection of the winning projects will be at the sole discretion of HCA. There is no guarantee that a submitted project will be selected.

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