HIP: Heritage Improv Project

HCA is proud tcreative_partnerships_logo_colouro present HIP: Heritage Improv Project. Partnering with local artists Johanna Bundon and Jayden Pfeifer, HIP will be offering a series of improvisation workshops to diverse and at-risk populations in the Heritage neighbourhood. All workshops will be taking place through March and April, 2014.

The community partners involved in the program include Thomson Community School, Sofia House, Downtown Browne’s Emergency Youth Shelter and Phoenix Residential Society. Our partner artists worked closely with each community partner through out February to develop workshops to fit the needs of each organization. With support of each community organization, the workshops will be delivered throughout March and April of 2014.

The goal of the project is to explore “the potential for the guiding principles of improvisation to enhance the lives of marginalized populations in Regina’s inner city.” Our ultimate vision is that the program will serve to enhance the overall wellbeing of participants through supporting a greater sense of belonging and community engagement.

Thank-you to Creative Partnerships for making this innovative community partnership possible. Creative Partnerships are supported through the collaboration of  Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture, and the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.


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