Harvest Moon Festival 2022

Heritage Community Association is proud to present Harvest Moon 2022!

Artist Profiles and performance times

DJ Pasqua Beats: Festival MC, Performance at 1:45pm

Angel Whitestar: 10:30

Johnathan Whitestar: 10:55

Afro-Mentorship Initiative: 11:35

Hung Kuen Lion Dancers: 11:55

The Lion Dance can be traced to the Han Dynasty. Legend says that long ago there was a beast that looked like a lion with a sharp horn that could be used to attack its prey called Nian. While it primarily lived at the bottom of the sea, it enjoyed terrorizing villagers on the last day of the lunar year until a lion came and defeated Nian. Since then, villagers began dressing as the lion to keep Nian away. This is why red is worn along with the use of drums, firecrackers, and fireworks to make loud noises. If you notice, these elements are used during the Lion Dance.

Natya Sudha Dance Group: 12:20

Arnold Akachuk: 12:50

Desmond McAllister: 1:20




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