Harvest Moon Festival 2022

Heritage Community Association is proud to present Harvest Moon 2022!

Artist Profiles

DJ Pasqua Beats

Coming from Pasqua Reservation, Based in Vancouver. Femmebot named Daria explores gender identity and hot sexy music.

Angel Whitestar

Angel Whitestar who is Cree, Assiniboine, and Souix from Oceanman First Nation residing on Piapot First Nation with her children and husband, a dancer for over 30 years travelling all across turtle island throughout the years. Graduating this year from First Nation University for Indigenous Social Work. 

Johnathan Whitestar

John Whitestar is of Cree/Saulteaux descent from the Piapot F.N. He is a residential school survivor, a devoted husband and father. He has worked with youth for over 20 years through multiple programs and agencies. He is a strong believer in his culture and teachings and shares them with whomever would listen. Throughout his early years he has overcome many obstacles of his personal life dealing with the intergenerational trauma of his immediate family and loved ones. Through the culture he very much loves he has been able to sit and listen and learn from many elders and knowledge keepers that helped him on his path of healing. He strives to show and teach his own children the importance of culture and uses his love of dancing as a tool in sharing the knowledge he has obtained.

Afro-Mentorship Initiative:

Afro-Mentorship Initiative is a culturally responsive program that meets the social-emotional needs of children by increasing their cultural wellness. We create safe spaces where mentees can begin to engage in effective dialogue and creative activities, which include Afrocentric dance. Here they can begin to address issues that are continuously experienced within early-and-middle childhood such as low self-esteem, body shaming, bullying which results in anxiety and depression.

We also equip our mentees with the tools and resources to increase culturally focused education and awareness around issues pertaining to our African-Canadian communities. In doing so, we build cultural trust and recognition. We also work to bridge the gap between Black and non-black communities through partnerships and collaborations.

Hung Kuen Lion Dancers

The Lion Dance can be traced to the Han Dynasty. Legend says that long ago there was a beast that looked like a lion with a sharp horn that could be used to attack its prey called Nian. While it primarily lived at the bottom of the sea, it enjoyed terrorizing villagers on the last day of the lunar year until a lion came and defeated Nian. Since then, villagers began dressing as the lion to keep Nian away. This is why red is worn along with the use of drums, firecrackers, and fireworks to make loud noises. If you notice, these elements are used during the Lion Dance.

Natya Sudha Dance Group

At the Natya Sudha Dance Academy, we believe that Indian dancing is a passion. We know that it’s not just a hobby—it’s a way to connect with your culture and build confidence while staying physically fit.

We offer classes in a variety of styles throughout the week, So you can choose the class that best fits your child’s interests and learning style. Our group is passionate about sharing their love of dance with kids from all walks of life, and we will help your child find the joy in learning new skills and performing for others. Natya Sudha has been performing for the past 20 years…

Growing and building a loving community!

Arnold Akachuk

Arnold Akachuk who is Cree and Souix from Oceanman First Nation, a fancy bustle dancer and hoop dancer most of his life has lived in Kelowna area for over 20 years. Travelled to Hawaii, Germany, all across the states and Canada sharing his stories throughout hoop dancing and bustle dancing. 

Desmond McAllister

Desmond McAllister is a Steel Pannist hailing from Regina, SK. His involvement with Steel Pan started at the age of 8 and has grown into a full-blown passion for the instrument. Desmond draws much of his talent from his rich & diverse cultural background – specifically that of his Mother’s Birthplace, Trinidad & Tobago, the Island Nation where the Steel Pan was invented. He plays a mix of Calypso, Soca, Chutney, Reggae, R&B & Pop Music – and always willing to expand his repertoire. Desmond is also the Director, Arranger and Founder of Regina’s Pacesetters Steel Orchestra.





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