Martial Art and Self-Defence Class

 COVID-19 Update: This class is currently suspended until further notice.

What: Martial art club for youth ages 9-17
Where: Thomson Community School gymnasium, 2033 Toronto Street
When: Every Thursday, mid-September until May (except school holidays)
Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Cost: Free*

*$5 annual membership with the Heritage Community Association is appreciated

Have you ever wanted to try a traditional Chinese martial art from the Kung Fu family such as Tai Chi Chuan? This is a martial art course for youth ages 9-17 to come try skills developed in Tai Chi Chuan and other Kung Fu systems. Come learn some self-defence combinations, falling, rolling, grappling, and eventually some weapon forms such as the long staff or sword! We will even have a look at the meditative side of the Tai Chi forms to build your confidence, health, relaxation and concentration.We’ll also lighten up sometimes, and play some games!

Special emphasis will be put on practical self-defence techniques and strategies to help develop “street smarts”. In other words, we’ll discuss ways of avoiding conflict through practicing awareness of our surroundings, and we’ll also learn how to handle ourselves in a physical conflict when we have no alternative but to fight back.

Sifu Eric James’s specialty is in Tai Chi Chuan including combat applications (self-defence), hand forms, weapon forms, push hands and Chi Kung. His experience has also extended to a few other Kung Fu systems and martial arts.

For those interested in continuing on a little longer, the school has developed its own coloured bandana system to signify level achievement. To date a few current students have already earned a few levels up!

For more info: email Eric at

To register: This a FREE course, however you do need to register by filling out this Registration Form and having it signed by the child’s legal guardian. Registration forms are also available from Angel Hayden at Thomson School. Please return registration forms to Angel, or to Eric at