Performers for Harvest Moon 2018!

Main Stage

12:30 Opening prayer with Audrey Eyahpaise 

1:00 Chinese Lion Dancers and Chung Wah Kung Fu 

1:30 Picture Radio 

Picture Radio is a self-proclaimed “Prairie Funk” trio from Regina, SK. The band includes good friends Paul Huber (guitar and voice), Jesse Scobie (bass) and Josh Haugerud (drummer). The band is well known in the Regina music scene, playing shows with local favourites Daytrip, Snake Oil Salesmen, Tiger Charmer, Johnny 2 Fingers and the Deformities, Son Howler, Ava Wild and Brodie Moniker.

The band is known for their fun and energetic performances with audience interaction.

2:20 FADA Dance 

FadaDance exists to create, delight and inspire. It is their mandate to expand the boundaries of contemporary dance. They do so by making dance in Saskatchewan accessible to a wider audience, fostering the implementation of dance in alternative spaces and performing innovative  dance works in traditional theatre settings.  FadaDance is dedicated to training the next generation of contemporary dancers through their work with the FadaDance Youth Company. FadaDance School offers a unique approach to the study of dance through our creative and contemporary dance programs.

3:00 Terrance Littletent with the Kawacatoose boys 

Born in Regina, Littletent is from the Kawacatoose Cree Nation where he inherited much of his traditional teachings through family and elders, singers and dancers, storytellers and academics. Terrance has traveled across Canada, the United States, and overseas, sharing his gift of song, dance, and narrative, in humble way. At the age of six, Terrance had already been introduced to the traditional techniques and movement skills used to create his own dance choreography. By the age of eight, Terrance’s uncle, Kirby Littletent, presented him with the gift of the hoop, which inspired Terrance to continue his uncle’s legacy of sharing the ways of their people. Eleven years later, Terrance was recognized as a World Renowned Hoop Dancer. As an educator, producer, and performer, Terrance continues to find ways to bridge traditional and contemporary dance.

4:00 Regina Salseros

Regina Salseros Dance Class, founded in 2005, is the first Salsa school in Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina Salseros is dedicated to providing quality and affordable dance instruction to students at all skill levels. Our programs are detailed, fun and easy to follow. We provide a unique dancing experience with a focus on maintaining a growing dance community. We believe that maintaining a family environment where people can learn to dance, meet others and  have fun, all while feeling comfortable, is the key to developing great dancers. Our goal is to not only teach interested students salsa techniques in order to give them confidence on the dance floor, but also to instill in them a life-long sense of self-worth, teamwork and respect for others.

5:00 Deadstick 

6:00 Khushi East Indian dancers 

6:40 Melissa Belly, Fire Dancer

7:15 Playing for Change Saskatchewan presents Ryan Hicks

Ryan Hicks has been hard at work for three years on his new album, Pulsing Colours. The album is a concept record of all of the the thoughts, moods and emotions that can come to us at night.

Pulsing Colours is a star-studded record featuring Ryan as well as drummer Jeff Romanyk (Rah Rah), Michael Dawson (Library Voices), Amy Nelson (solo country singer, currently with a Top Tencountry single in Australia) and more. The record is a hard-hitting album featuring memorable melodies, rich sonic landscape and lyrical depth.

Pulsing Colours is a record about all of us finding our way in the universe.



Stage 2

1:15 Mooky

Mooky has performed for over three million spectators Worldwide. She was lead clown and creator in Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai, and has graced some of the most illustrious stages, including London’s Royal Albert Hall, the Sydney Opera House, Union Square Theatre in NYC, and the Bobino in Paris. A masterful physical comedienne, puppeteer, pianist and performer, Mooky is one of the funniest ladies working the international circuit today.

2:00 Rodger Ross

Rodger is a Métis/Cree, born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and is a member of the George Gordon First Nation of Saskatchewan. He is a descendant of two Treaty #4 Chiefs; Chief Daybird and Chief kā-nēwonaskasēhtēw “He who walks on four claws” a signatory(sic) to Treaty #4.

He is an independent film and video producer with more than 30 years experience in the industry. Rodger is the Owner/Operator of Creerunner Communications Ltd., a multi-media production company specializing in developing communication strategies, desktop publishing and producing broadcast standard film, video and multi-media productions.

His formal training includes instruction in Broadcast Media, Journalism, Graphic Arts and Design, Still Photography and the Martial Arts.

Rodger committed 91/2 years as a facilitator for the Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program, offered by the First Nations University of Canada. During his time there Rodger assisted with enhancing and providing direction regarding content changes of the program.

He is a traditional storyteller and motivational speaker, having learned stories in the oral tradition by sitting with Elders, including; the late Emile Piapot (Son of Chief Piapot), the late Walter Lavallee, the late Isadore Pelletier, the late Gordon Oakes and the late Albert Oochoo, along with others he has met in his travels throughout North American and Europe

3:30 Word Up Performances

  • Veracity (MC)

Veracity grew up in Ottawa, carries a bit of Scotland in her pockets, and has learned to love her Regina.  She got into slam poetry because she likes to make friends with things that scare her, like skydiving, improv and eye contact.

Veracity won the 2016 Saskatchewan Festival of Words Slam, represented Regina nationally on 2 CFSW teams (2015-2016), has been published in Oratorealis and was a member of the first annual Saskatoon Poetic Arts Festival ensemble (2017).

When not writing odes to people, politics or pizza pops, Veracity also helps organize Regina Word Up spoken word events and performs at fundraisers for things she cares about, like mental health awareness and support for queer youth. Veracity will never have the last word because she is always trying to find a better one.

  • Liberty Skye

Liberty Skye has been a part of Regina’s spoken word community for over one year now and she recently won the local Regina qualifier slam to represent Regina at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS) in Vancouver in April of this year. Spoken word may be relatively new to her but, coming from a long line of storytellers, writing has been a lifelong passion.

Finding slam poetry was like coming home for her, like a fish to water. She loves this style of writing because of its authenticity and rawness. Liberty Skye typically writes about challenging the status quo and moving towards a new world order where equality and safety for all is realized. Plus, she likes to make sure she throws in at least one swear word per poem just for fun.

A self-described “soft-spoken” slam poet, she loves to create pieces that uplift and empower, not only herself, but hopefully others too. A natural introvert who battles stage fright (don’t we all?), spoken word pushes her boundaries in many positive ways. It is where she found her voice. She is looking forward to sharing it with you.

  • Cat Burns

Cat Burns is a queer spoken word artist and poet born to the Queen City. She was brought up on table time conversations – a platform that encouraged her voice, her stories and her deep compassion. Lately, her poetry explores the intersections of her mental illness, sobriety and the intuition that has carved out her place in the now, in the place that whispers, “You’re home here.”

  • Jacq Brass

Jacq Brass falls somewhere between that feminist poet you saw on that YouTube video one time and that stand-up comedian that you guess is sort of funny. Jacq works to combine stories about fucking over the patriarchy and sexuality through spoken word poetry.

Hailing from Yellowknife, NT, they started performing spoken word in 2011. Jacq has been published in the Yellowknife poetry zine entitled Laid Muskrat, two Canadian poetry anthologies and has self-published three poetry chapbooks. They have competed three times at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, and have been a featured poet at a number of slams across Canada.

Jacq has been a featured performer three times at Northwords NWT, the Northwest Territories’ literary festival and performed at the Ko’ Ke Storytelling Festival with the Northern Arts & Cultural Centre in Yellowknife. Jacq was also honoured to be selected as an Ensemble Poet for the first ever Saskatoon Poetic Arts Festival in 2017.

Often described as “scarily militant” and “too angry”, Jacq takes pride in not censoring themself while sharing stories about where they come from, who they meet and how they resist. Jacq currently lives, works, writes and cries in Regina, SK.

  • Nono Ryan
  • Devon Dozlaw